Asus Flash Tool Latest Version Free Download

Asus FlashTool Also Support to repair IMEI in Asus Device 

Some Features of Asus Flash Tool Given Below

ADB Options

  1. Phone Info – This option helps to get connected smartphone information
  2. Droid Mode – this function allows smartphone to get in into droid mode
  3. Recovery Mode – option to restart your smartphone into recovery mode
  4. Backup Boot 1 – you can make backup and install it at the time of boot
  5. Backup ex_Csd – This option allows you to create external card backup
  6. Backup RPMB – This option allows you to take “RPMB” file backup
  7. Root –  This option allows you to root your connected Asus Smartphone
  8. Backup Config – This option use to make Backup of configuration file
  9. Backup Factory – It is use to create the full backup of factory reset file
  10. Restore Config – Installing the previous backup file in Asus Smartphone
  11. Restore Factory – Installing the previous factory reset file in Smartphone
  12. Un Root – option allows you to unroot  already rooted Asus Smartphone
  13. Reboot –  This option helps you to restart your connected Asus smartphone

Fastboot Option :

  1. Phone Info – Read phone Information
  2. Reboot Droid – Reboot into Droid mode
  3. Reboot Normal – Reboot into Normal Mode
  4. Load Recovery – Installing Recovery File
  5. Load Fastboot – Installing Fastboot File
  6. Load Sflash Boot – flashing Sflash File
  7. Load System – Installing only System file
  8. Raw update All – Installing Raw File
  9. Wipe Cache – Deleting Cache partition
  10. Wipe Factory Reset – making Factory reset
  11. Wipe System – Deleting system partition
  12. Save erase – use for erase or save the file
  13. Wipe Userdata – delete only user personal data

                                                                         Download Link 
                                    FilePassword: flashbd24

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